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Monthly archives for April, 2014

Paper Negatives


There are times in the ether of cyberspace I have posted images and comments on those postings told me people had not really seen or understood what the image was, how it was made, and what it was made with. The digital life or myth pervades earth to the extent that people think you can’t […]

Re Spooling 620 film.

Box Meets Box

I have many Box Brownies, I was going to say I have them coming out my ears, but writing to visuals, this could create the wrong picture. In exploring Ipernity I came across this gallery ………….and being impressed with the images, and them totally being my kind of styles I made contact about respooling. […]

35mm Silver Gelatin Paper Negatives


Somehow we have slipped into a ‘supersized’ world. Maybe as the world has become more consumer driven "bigger is better’, has become something we all seek as a means of making our limited resources go further. Big can represent, cultural, artistic and economic power. I realise that this is most likely a very western perspective. […]

The Day Of The Box Brownie Mods.

Top Gear

Lens are very expensive sometimes. My photography habit seems to find immense pleasure in using what is not expensive, or what is usually overlooked by others as they march towards the latest and the greatest, or the most sought after and desireable from the past. Some of my fav images are from very low fi […]

Seminal #1

The Way

The world is huge……… as is history, and then within that history, the history of photography. Recently, through a set of circumstances, several names were used in conversations and the inevitable Google search ensued. Then followed the inevitable time travel, the personal encounter with characters and artifacts, and me deeply impacted as one who had […]