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Weekend @ Gallery259


  I love weekends, fortunately I enjoy my weekdays too as I get the opportunity to work creatively with students as a music teacher……….but much more than a music teacher! That being said, I am tired of the demands of teaching life…love teaching, maybe teaching from Gallery259. Weekend life is mostly about Gallery259. Yes there […]

35mm Paper Negative Silver Gelatin Pr...

35mm Paper Negative Silver Gelatin Prints

It’s something that I had always intended to try but somehow I had let the voices, or maybe the lack of voices, stop me. It was also that evil procrastination thing, and the battle with time that leaves me with an ever growing list of things I want to do, but with a seeming decreasing […]

Online Shops related to Gallery259.

Online Shops related to Gallery259.

It can be somewhat disillusioning being someone who in some ways is not very materialistic. But I am trying to change…………….I want to be the better kind of ‘materialistic’, which isn’t the greedy kind. I have several online spaces on the web where people can find products that use my images. In both these spaces […]