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35mm Paper Negative Silver Gelatin Prints


It’s something that I had always intended to try but somehow I had let the voices, or maybe the lack of voices, stop me. It was also that evil procrastination thing, and the battle with time that leaves me with an ever growing list of things I want to do, but with a seeming decreasing amount of time to do such things. I have boxes and boxes of paper negatives of various sizes and had always intended to try enlarging from one, but hadn’t.

Then one day out of the blue, a comment from a FB friend lead me to move it to the top of the list.

In a world preoccupied with ‘big is better’, I have found myself captivated by the magic and cuteness of 35mm paper negatives. If you are not familiar with what paper negatives are, here is a short article I wrote on that topic. I have a huge range of 35mm cameras that have been given to me or that I have bought for a song because not many people seem to want them any more. The print that the below link is to was from a silver gelatin paper negative taken on a Minotla Dynax 7000i, with a Minolta 50mm lens on a 2x converter. This is a pretty fancy camera compared to what I normally use and was one of a matching pair given to me several years ago by my friends Pete & Jules who manufacture this amazing soap for animals called WashBar.

35mm silver gelatin paper negative are very very cute. I had always meant to try enlarging from them but hadn’t got to it yet. I had been working on an idea making contact prints from 35mm paper negatives of Cafe customers, the idea being a fast turnaround but quaint portrait. It worked, and they had that cute factor. Ultimately I would like to do some 35mm tintypes and mount them presented framed or as a pendant..

The thought of enlarging from paper had gone off the radar until Joel, a FB friend made a comment about a successful enlargement he had gotten positive comments on years ago while he was studying. I thought lets try this.

I spent a day at Gallery259 making prints from the 35mm paper neg on a variety of new and old papers, with varying success but on a journey.

I scanned the prints but as yet have only processed several. Here is a link to several of the 8 x 10ish prints I processed. There is potential in this and I look forward working more with this. Let me know what you think, these were just straight paper negs on Tetenal Vario matt paper. eg#1     eg#2

Here’s another article on 35mm paper negs I wrote.


I would love to connect with anyone who loves working with paper or who has done any enlarged prints from them. I am sure I am not alone in the universe………

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