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Online Shops related to Gallery259.

It can be somewhat disillusioning being someone who in some ways is not very materialistic.

But I am trying to change…………….I want to be the better kind of ‘materialistic’, which isn’t the greedy kind.

I have several online spaces on the web where people can find products that use my images. In both these spaces I have minimum profit margin, like only $1 or $2. I do this because if you aren’t in the USA or UK it can be expensive for postage, plus I am not a greedy person. I would love you to check out these spaces.

Society6 is in a startup phase for me……..check it out and please come back.

Fine Art America is more developed.

Both sites offer a variety of products with my images, from prints to shower curtains, duvets and throw cushions.

KiwiVagabond/Gallery259 on Fine Art America

Check out this duvet cover……Here

Society6 as it is right now. (shop)

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