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In Search Of The Holy Grail Image – CLICK HERE

This is one of my 1st images taken with my large format Globus 5 x 7 camera. It was shot using Agfa Soft grade paper.
Aminus3 is a different kind of online gallery in that you publish a new image everyday. For me I use a LR app that exports images I edit straight to Aminus3, and that means I don’t forget to publish something everyday to the site. it also means that I get way ahead of myself because even using analogue processes I get way ahead of myself.
So this image was actually taken 3 months ago.
I quite like this because when it crops up again, I rediscover the image because I have been distant from it in time and space for a while.

I have done some lovely Cyanotypes and Van Dyke Browns of this image.

Aminus3 is worth checking out if you are into photography. I must say tho, I love have images out of cyberspace and on walls, real walls in a gallery, and in peoples homes.

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