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Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag Vo...

Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag Vol. 4

It took a year, mostly because I had forgotten it existed and was nearly finished, but after a cool day printing lith prints at gallery259 yesterday I was excited to get back behind the computer. I don’t do as much computer work these days as I have become more and more analogue with my photography […]

35mm Paper Negative Silver Gelatin Pr...

35mm Paper Negative Silver Gelatin Prints

It’s something that I had always intended to try but somehow I had let the voices, or maybe the lack of voices, stop me. It was also that evil procrastination thing, and the battle with time that leaves me with an ever growing list of things I want to do, but with a seeming decreasing […]

Analogue Resistance Magazine Vol. 3 L...


  I have finally finished Vol. 3 of Analogue Resistance Magazine. This Vol. contains images from my unfolding journey with Lumen Prints. I hope you have time to browse it, and let me know what you think.

Lith Printing

Lith Printing

Several years ago I discovered lith printing when getting an armload of books on photography out from the local library. It was a book by Tim Rudman and it seriously opened my eyes and heart to a way of creating images that certainly resonated with me stylistically. I resist the term photographer, as I have […]

Lith Ahoy

Lith Ahoy

I had a wonderful time at the gallery today. Connected with some friends and people travelling thru. I had some fun shooting some 35mm paper negatives with various cameras and lenses. I hope to scan them latter tonight and play. BUT the most awesome time today was mixing up some LD 20 Lith Developer and […]

Time Warp.

Time Warp.

While I have usually chosen analogue as the new default for me, lately I have found myself enjoying the seeming simplicity of digital. Before I became this analogue lover, I had been totally digital, with my trusty 30D. As I started using non Canon, or vintage glass lenses, I found myself moving towards analogue. Life […]

Gustav Le Gray – Lady Hawarden


I began writing this entry last year (2014)….somehow it got lost…I am posting it because I hate to waste good words. I have walked well down this old school photography road now…and have added some links to help this make some kind of sense. So back to last year ………….when I began this… The world […]

Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Vol. 1

Father and sons Gallery259 paper negative

This is Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Vol 1.   Vol. 2

Paper Negatives


There are times in the ether of cyberspace I have posted images and comments on those postings told me people had not really seen or understood what the image was, how it was made, and what it was made with. The digital life or myth pervades earth to the extent that people think you can’t […]

Re Spooling 620 film.

Box Meets Box

I have many Box Brownies, I was going to say I have them coming out my ears, but writing to visuals, this could create the wrong picture. In exploring Ipernity I came across this gallery ………….and being impressed with the images, and them totally being my kind of styles I made contact about respooling. […]