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Fridays….& Looking For A Gallery259 Partner

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I don’t know what your life is like, but mine seems like there is never enough time to do what I have to do, without even approaching the subject of what I want to do.

And so Friday arrives………….whew! Crossing duties is done at school, my last paid work commitment………..and there stretching in front of me is THE  WEEKEND. Yehaaa.

I usually start the weekend with a special time with my daughter and my two grandsons from 3.30ish on. I love that time and look forward to it every week.

When Saturday and Sunday arrive, these days are spent at Gallery259. Until recently I have spent 99.9% of my weekends at the gallery for over 2 years now. Lawns didn’t get mown, car and house repairs did not happen, and all those kinds of jobs the weekend allows you to do…….they don’t get done. I have ended up with a huge backlog, which I am trying to get cleared.

And that’s just addressing the things you have and need to do.

Added to the have and need to do is the old want to do list.

  • Visit your parents.
  • Fix your car so you can get to your parents.
  • Drive around taking photos of trees, the land, the light….the beauty you see in passing.
  • plus much much more…….

Long story short, I have been committed to just turning up at Gallery259 every weekend, and loving it. It is a working gallery and so I play with my cameras full of paper, develop in the darkroom, or work on printing…….work on learning, as well as talking to visitors to the gallery, people into photography and friends who swing by. Now that isn’t a huge number, considering there’s a cafe next door. Most people just walk past craning their necks to see in the door rather than taking the bold step of entry.

The gallery itself doesn’t make money, I want it to, and dream of it being so BUT the reality is it’s a serious hobby……….a weekend time guzzling hobby, and one that makes some recompense for the artists involved. I have always struggled with making money, but one day I hope to make money from my art. Sure there’s huge satisfaction from what I have sold, and that would add up, and they are hanging on real walls.

I have not minded investing my time in the gallery, and the skills needed to frame and present your work. I am doing something with my analogue photography passion………….outside of a computer, and I will continue to invest my time and resources.

Some Walls Must Fall In Search of The Holy Grail

Coming into this 3rd year, I need to make some changes. I have tried to make changes with this but I seem to be the only one prepared to give up my freedom and weekends for the gallery.

One of my friends and gallery supporters Bryan has worked some days recently and it was like WOW for me to get out on the road collecting images, and working on things I needed too….it felt really good……….and I could not remember when I had done that last. And I value that support and understanding from Bryan. I also value the support of my partner.


I don’t play the arty gallery opening game, the chit chat, the wine and cheese, so  I feel a huge disconnect with like minded people that one would think might support what the gallery is all about, and may even invite participation in similar expressions around the area. In my worst moments of self doubt, I could think many things about this lack of connectivity, the lack of collaboration. The art world is full of egos and BS, and I spose in this re edit tirade, the self doubt has got me, rather than the hundreds of affirming comments and the happy sales of images that say, you are onto something, this is different and unique. I have never blown my own trumpet very well.


Gallery259 needs some arty people who could help share this load, who could almost become  part of a family, and maybe work at the gallery one day a weekend as I do (or during the week). The load needs to be shared, by others with vision. The gallery is  a great place to study or write, or do your own thing in the workspaces or darkroom if that suited you.

If I could have two weekend days a month free it would be awesome and provide some balance in my life, and maybe provide opportunities in yours. Yes it costs, it costs you your time, good things always cost………..but I do believe it comes back to you.

This putting it out there is me trying to make the time cost manageable and healthy for me….that it be shared.

So, I am putting this out there to the universe. Gallery259 has potential, I need some people to help it work, rather than draining the same old workhorse, Gallery259 needs people to have input and spread the load. I am so happy there, but it’s not wise to keep on as I have been.

Hopefully there are people out there who just want to do something.

Please talk to me. email :

or call me if you are in New Zealand. 027 612 9930



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