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Gallery259 October Update


As of Monday the 10th of October at approximately 1.15am in the morning, Gallery259 shut the physical doors to its location in Maungatapere New Zealand and began metamorphosing into a mobile entity.
There are some developments in the new Gallery259 format that will have to remain under wraps for a month or so, but the gist (I have made sure that I have spelled that right and it’s the right word), is that Gallery259 will be hitting the road and could turn up anywhere. Anywhere being a market or any place on the side of the road taking portraits of people passing or te whenua (the land) with paper, film or wet plate.


During the nearly 4 years that Gallery259 has been operating I have met so many wonderful people, and experienced so many affirmations about the images on the walls and the vision of the gallery around analogue image making.
Many people who have done the gallery thing often burn out and suffer from a certain cynicism about the wider public, artists and art as a commodity within society. All galleries operate within a specific cultural and geographical context which would make generalisations impossible, however some of the issues are common within the whole domain.

I will not bore you with them here other than to say that spending  every weekend at the gallery became too limiting for me and my specific personal and life needs, and for the development of my photography vision. (especially doing every weekend except maybe 9 over the nearly 4 years)
Being free from a specific place and time means I can choose where to have my real world wall and I can get out into that world and share the analogue experience, share the love and analogue images of what I see.  I am wildly passionate about the land (te whenua) and rivers, and maybe now I can take my humble (very) portable darkroom on the road and record the beauty I see in the land I live in.

Under The Totara Grove
Another thing that not being bound to one space will allow me to do is to focus on my writing. I began an online mag called The Analogue Resistance Mag

I also have some self publishing ideas. Here are two books as examples of what I hope to continue that I have published years ago.

Poetry For Flightless Birds & Broken Things
Blind Man’s Bluff Vol 1



As always, and I always seem to fail this, I would like to become more regular here on the blog…………and as always I will try and believe that I can and will do that.

If you need to make contact you can email me here

I would love to hear from you. If you would like to get the odd mail out let me know.

I am so excited about the future and will divulge more details as they become reality.

Thank you to all the people who have encouraged, supported and donated unwanted analogue things to the cause. Nothing is wasted on me, the emotional support or the old stuff finding a good home…..



Thank you kind people.

Stay in touch!

naku noa na


Graham Hughes


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