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Gallery259 Workshops

Last weekend, March 8th & 9th 2014 was especially exciting. Local potter and artisan Janet Hyde had organised a month of workshops within the Maungatapere community and Gallery259 was part of that. Last weekend I hosted a 2 day workshop on shooting with paper, and the whole paper negative process. While the two days were full on, they were incredibly rewarding for me as the host/teacher and as an indicator of what I would like to work towards doing with Gallery259. I want to create a small school dedicated to alternative/19th Century/old school analogue photography. That’s the dream!

Here is a link to some of the work done by Andreas & Deborah and other visitors on that weekend. I thank them for their patience and self direction when people came into the gallery and I had to attend to them.

I will add more as the workshops progress. This weekend coming, March 15th there are 7 people travelling up from Auckland for Analogue Fiesta No.1 as part of a MeetUp. I am looking forward to that.

Check out the work so far.

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