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Miss Havisham Remembers

Gallery259 is in Maungatapere New Zealand. This is a small dairy company town that is usually driven through on the way somewhere else. It has been a classic ‘if you blink you will miss it’ kinda town. I am on a mission with others who are passionate to change that. Maungatapere meeting dot com is a start.

The Office Cafe. Great food, great coffee, great people, and an excellent place to relax and hangout, right next door to Gallery259  More Info  The Office Cafe Google Map

Graham Hughes’ other blogs, dreams etc.

Gallery259’s shop on Etsy

Blind Poet ProductionZ. Publishing.


KiwiVagabond products for sale  Fine Art America         Society6

Graham Hughes info

Graham Hughes aka KiwiVagabond on Ipernity

Photography related articles by Graham Hughes on Ipernity .

Looking Glass Magazine by my friends Amanda Tomlin & Laura Campbell. Dedicated to film. Looking Glass Magazine

Looking Glass Magazine on FaceBook

Gold Street Studios is somewhere I am living to get to. Alt Process heaven, and in the Southern hemisphere. On FaceBook

Inspirational People.

Tim Rudman

Gary Ligget

Wolfgang Moersch


and many many more


Article on what being an artist means from a book by Anne Truitt. A great read Anne Truitt


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