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I had a wonderful time at the gallery today. Connected with some friends and people travelling thru. I had some fun shooting some 35mm paper negatives with various cameras and lenses. I hope to scan them latter tonight and play. BUT the most awesome time today was mixing up some LD 20 Lith Developer and developing some paper neg prints and some film enlargements on 8 x 10. I have been working previously with some old Kodalith for which I only had the A part. I made the B with a 40% Sodium Hydroxide mix. I had done some developing with this several weekends in a row, but not convinced the lithing was happening………no real sign of the infectious dark tone thing happening. Well today I found it with the LD 20. And I am in love…….its a beautiful process. The prints are drying overnight…..evidence tomorrow……love.


Lith links.

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Tim Rudman

Susan De Witt

Wolfgang Moersch

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