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Lith Printing

Several years ago I discovered lith printing when getting an armload of books on photography out from the local library. It was a book by Tim Rudman and it seriously opened my eyes and heart to a way of creating images that certainly resonated with me stylistically. I resist the term photographer, as I have written elsewhere, because I am much more than that, and in some ways much less. I happen to like photography and processes that don’t necessarily depict reality as much as drip with emotional or intangible content.

In some ways, and not meaning any disrespect to photography, I am a painter at heart.

I am drawn to photography styles that are more like paintings you might say. It’s funny, because those images or styles, originated in a time when there was no photography in galleries or museums……..photographers were trying to get their images to be considered art by using processes that made the photos look like paintings. That movement was called pictorialism.

For several years, I have wanted to try lith printing, and in fact have been able to on occassions. Someone gave me some Kodalith Part A powder, and on good advice I part part B. On the times I tried this, I didn’t really get the feeling the developing was happening infectiously as described in the books, if everything is going right.


Last weekend, I mixed up some proper lith developer (Fotospeed LD20) and ……..there it was, the real thing. I had bought the developer off trademe several years ago.

Well I am a man in love. Finally I have produced some beautiful prints. I will post them later but here’s a taster from some phone images while they are being toned in selenium.

20150322_194852 20150322_195928 20150322_194834

Lith links.

If you would like to know more about lith printing, here are some fine exponents.

Tim Rudman

Susan De Witt

Wolfgang Moersch

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