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Before I started Gallery259, which was around Dec 17th 2012, most of my images were in cyberspace somewhere. They existed but on ly on the screens of people who viewed them, somewhere in the ether.

Something I have really loved about having a physical gallery is that now some of my images are on walls. The walls of the gallery, and the walls of homes after they have been purchased.

There was a change in the value of images to me. They were tangible and I could touch them and form some kind of connection with them. That felt like a really nice change from them being online.

All that being said, online does have a function, the shift for me now is that it is a function and not the only place my images exist. I have heard it said by many that their images are mainly still in the camera or the computer…………I would like to encourage people to make them physical, get them printed and on the wall.

Here are some links to some of my online galleries. It nice to share your work with a wider audience and people interested in photography.

This is Aminus3. You can only add a new image each day. You can look back but not forward. The latest image for me is months behind my latest……….but its a lovely community.

Another community is Flickr. I enjoyed the discussions here and a wealth of info, the copyright issues seem a tad iffy but I am there anyway. I am not ultra pedantic about copyright, but I am about getting the credit and monetary benefit for my creative work. Find my photostream on Flickr Here

My favourite online space is a community many people disillusioned with FaceBook & Flickr have moved to. Copyright is safe, and there seems to be some cool features like being able to write articles. I have several nearing completion now.

This is called Ipernity. Find me on Ipernity Here

Again I would like to stress that the most exciting Gallery to be part of is 259. It’s real, and my images are on actual walls……… a living 3d space. I like that.


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