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The Ist Weekend in November

Was a gorgeous weekend just gone. I love how the sun in the midst of life’s twists and turns, makes you feel good. This weekend also had plenty of wind with the sun, which blew out a few cobwebs for sure.

Gallery259 had quite a few extra visitors as people passed by in transit to several school fairs happening out in the Whangarei environs. Its been lovely having Aucklanders & tourists starting to filter back into the north as summer gets rolling. Sadly it seems that it is more the ‘out of towners, that seem to get what the Gallery259 is all about, enough to purchase art for their walls or cards to send to people.
Jonathon  Livingstone In Devonport
One of the driving forces for my work at the gallery is that art is accessible. That includes price accessibility, physical accessibility and somewhere that feels okay to come into and check out. I sometimes wonder what some peoples experiences are when they stress we are only here looking thanks. I can relate to that from places I can’t even remember in my consumer history. Gallery259 is all about you having a look, there is no pressure, and you will be left alone to feast if you like, with your eyes or otherwise or exit if its not your taste.

We have busy days and quiet days, there is always something to do, and I go there to work. I know Virginia and Ans are the same. No one is waiting to pounce on anyone.

Domestic Blindness Leads To Bad Hair day

We are looking forward to a great summer and have some exciting things planned, one of them needing to be a birthday party! I have recently become an event organiser of an Auckland based photography group called Shutterbug, which is part of the MeetUp concept. I am hoping to organise one day or weekend workshops around some of my passions with photography and base them at Gallery259. I am excited about that.

I am also excited about concentrating on framing new work at the moment. There is so much new work, and while on Dec 22nd it will be Gallery259’s 1st birthday it feels good to be putting fresh work up on the walls, so much has sold and now hangs on real walls in real homes. Over winter when we had quite a few wet weekends a lot of time was spent working in the darkroom and taking images of the wet road 🙂

eg.Look Here
Or Here

So now its time to get new work up on the walls, and get the gallery ready for summer.

Please swing by and see the new work we are all working on.

Till next time.





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