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When Gallery259 was originally conceived, the idea was to be a purely photographic gallery. And be a working gallery.Here are some of the ideas that were behind that beginning. Yes some of them have changed, but some are at the core of what Gallery259 is all about.

In brief….

  • Art that was accessible to people by price and location. (not cheapening art, but not being ridiculous either)
  • To be about the buzz of photography, yes with a focus on analogue, but not limited to that.
  • To be a place where people could come talk photography and build a reference library of contacts and resources.
  • To have a working community darkroom.
  • To be a space for locals to share their work.
  • To get images out of cameras and computers and displayed on real walls.
  • To have special interest classes on aspects of photography, with a focus on analogue.
  • To have a friendly, welcoming, non pressured environment.


Those were some of the drivers behind starting that gallery. I was under no illusions of it making money, and it has become a labour of love, more than a commercial success story. But it has been a success story no less.

Gallery259 is about connections, and about buzz. Yes we have images on walls in home from gallery sales (and trust me,  that is very pleasing and satisfying), sales do not define success for Gallery259. Fortunately we have kind landlords that help make this dream work because of their own vision for the old dairy factory spaces.


Ultimately for me Gallery259 is about connections.

Connections between people, those who love creativity or are creatives, and those who love old school or a contemporary more digital photography.

After two years we have had to make some changes as far as gallery content. In general, New Zealand  does not have the historical depth with photography for art photography to be accepted as say in places like Europe, The State, and the UK where photography has been part of the technological history, and in fact spawned in these places.



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