Creativo Fotografia

Time Warp.

While I have usually chosen analogue as the new default for me, lately I have found myself enjoying the seeming simplicity of digital. Before I became this analogue lover, I had been totally digital, with my trusty 30D. As I started using non Canon, or vintage glass lenses, I found myself moving towards analogue.

Life gets the better of you sometimes, and I have found it really lovely going back over thousands of raw files from digital adventures, and reprocessing them with an analogue heart and eyes.

I find I have changed much in that time. No my analogue workflow isn’t totally that, and I blend digital by scanning or adjusting levels etc… heart is analogue.

Here are some of my latest revisits.

As In The Days Of Noah The New Iwo Jima Boyz To Men
City Slickers Children Of A Lesser God We Were There At Armagedon
Sea Horse Sunday Afternoon On A West Coast Beach In The Shadow Of The Almighty

More of these digital revisits can be found here on my Ipernity Gallery. Would love you to have a gander.




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