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Wednesday Photography Nights

One of the main ideas behind Gallery259 was to create a space where people who are interested in photography, old school styles and digital can come and find others who are passionate about it as well. While for us as a gallery it has a focus on analogue and 19th century technology and processes, the reality is that analogue and digital can work together and complement each other                                                .
One of the things that I have began doing during winter (and which i will do several nights during summer) is opening the gallery on Wednesday nights to provide a space for people to use the darkroom, come and do portraits, talk, hangout, or use the library of books on all things photographic.

If no one turns up that’s fine, there is always work to be done and the darkroom at the gallery is a lovely spacious work space. ( I cut most of  my paper negatives at the gallery because the space is larger than my darkroom at home and I can happily sit there cutting a supply for the road).

I had one lady who had bought some lights for $80 off Trademe and wanted to know how to use them. That was a fun Wed evening that left me wishing I had bought them……….4 lights all working and wonderful, and I was able to help her make sense of them..assembly and use.


That’s what Wednesday nights are for.

May see you there some time.


  1. GrahamHughes GrahamHughes
    September 5, 2013    

    Wednesday Night Photography Night is starting to gather some momentum. Momentum in the sense of being somewhere people can come and have fun as well as get any assistance they need on their photographic or creative journeys. Last night it was great shooting paper negatives with Ans and Lou……..and we look forward to the results. You bring what you want to do to these nights and we go from there. The rain didn’t put us off, and the pineapple burgers from the Maungatapere takeaways are awesome. I look forward to that every week, but usually have to take it home after everyone has left, warm it up and eat it. Can’t eat a delicious burger like that in front of people…….it could be embarrassing. 🙂
    Check out some of my latest images here…..

  2. Janis Brown Janis Brown
    December 5, 2013    

    Have visited your gallery. Inspiring work. Has got me going. I have a lot of photos so will now get cracking. Thanks

    • GrahamHughes GrahamHughes
      December 5, 2013    

      Thanks Janis. I look forward to seeing what you do. It’s neat to get images on walls and off the computer or out of the camera………

    • GrahamHughes GrahamHughes
      August 18, 2015    

      Hey Janis,
      I hope you are still inspired and doing something analogue or other.
      I know how life crowds out inspiration………..
      if you need another shot in the arm, or to share what you did with someone who is interested…..make contact. 🙂


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