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Weekend @ Gallery259



I love weekends, fortunately I enjoy my weekdays too as I get the opportunity to work creatively with students as a music teacher……….but much more than a music teacher!

That being said, I am tired of the demands of teaching life…love teaching, maybe teaching from Gallery259.

Weekend life is mostly about Gallery259. Yes there are some things that I am trying to change about how it being mostly about the gallery cost me hugely in other areas of my life.

Teaching is a tiring job as you give out of yourself to your students, as well as the job giving people permission to pull pieces off you all day. Trying to get things done after work has finished and the next day begins….well for me it’s not a really happening thing due to being tired. Yes I could be fitter, yes I could go to bed earlier……………eat more healthily etc, and I am working on a whole range of things. The ultimate truth is however is that I don’t have enough time to do what I really want to do………….photography in its widest sense.


But for now………..soon enough my weekend can begin.

And I can do my thing.


Last weekend I developed 4 films, as well as trying a new developer (ID 11). I had been trying to do both those things for ages…but had been thwarted for one reason or another. Last weekend I also got some forward traction with getting my old Devere 504 working after finding out that you needed certain diffusers for certain film sizes and making that work with the only diffuser I have being for 4 x 5.

Last week I had taken my Ernmann 5 x 7 LF  to the Gallery259 to shoot some film. I had done all the research for FP4 sheet film and the developers I have on hand, and I was ready to roll. Or should I say sheet.

Days at Gallery259 being what they are……….I did the rolls but not the sheet.

I was really pleased with the 120 rolls I developed, I will try some prints, and then tomorrow…………take the Globus and hopefully get to the sheets film again. There’s a wet weekend forecast so two days in the darkroom could turn into a productive time.

Another Gallery259 weekend ‘like to do’, is a test with some 35mm Fuji High Resolution un-perforated Microfilm I was given. I have been researching developers etc, and bought a camera that will take the film without sprocket holes……..can’t wait and may start that tonight by loading some film cassettes.

Watch this space……………49 mins until freedom.

P6_CZ_G259_take3_ 5_edit2nik_800


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